trees without wind never dance

Text from trees without wind never dance, 2015

the scarf you gave me

could have kept me warm

if I’d ever worn it



day by day they waited

until the time had come

to let themselves lay down



“Have you noticed

she looks just like her mother?”

no matter what she tried




I’m bitter right now

I just watched a rom-com



when she thought about it

it wasn’t to remember

it invaded her altogether



he raced right to his mother

and hid behind her leg

the play date finally over



“When you think of me,

I hope it’s fondly.  Take care.”

she typed and then re-read



that awful age

when your invisible friend

can’t come out and play



that “pine fresh scent”

was no match

for the gas inside his lungs



after all this time

I shouldn’t feel so bad –

I’m supposed to write something here



I lost my glove

and like you

it’s not coming back



I can’t keep looking at you

our game is getting stale

and so is all the air



this weather

has a feeling of hair

resting on your cheek



it’s like the time you told me

about your dying dog

you were almost really there



I thought I heard it

in your voice

but you never spoke



the human race

will never catch up

to all the rivers’ running



she matches all her clothes

to the current season –

my zipper’s fucking broken



15 down

give me a five letter word

for someone you don’t trust




without wind

never dance



without fail

every year on that day

he screamed until he couldn’t



when you hear a sound

that you don’t like

just make one even louder




call me honey

while you can